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Family Support Groups

This post is dedicated to Family Support Groups. 

What is a family support group?

It is where people meet outside of their busy work/life schedule’s and talk about their loved ones who are experiencing drug addiction and alcoholism. It is for anyone dealing with someone who is struggling with substance abuse. They do not require anything of you. They are the best resources out there to learn how to deal with such a tough situation. They usually consist of an open discussion or a speaker who talks about what its like to be an addict. Most of the time, families go around the room talking about their situations. They only encourage a supportive and useful environment. You will find like-minded people who have or are currently sharing the same experience.

The consequences of being a drug addict or an alcoholic are not solely felt by the one who is using or abusing drugs. It affects all who surround this person. We would like to inform anyone in need that support groups are widely available and free to the public. You will find like-minded folks at these meetings who will share hope, information, and strength.

Often we send our loved one to drug rehab or drug addiction treatment and cross our fingers and hope for the best. These meetings are both supportive and informative. Many have found these meetings as an amazing resource for the difficulty of dealing with a loved one who is suffering. Best of all, they are free to anyone who wants to attend.

It is very important that a family member of loved one meets and interacts with those who have been through the same situation. The opioid epidemic in Massachusetts has caused the formation of many family support groups for loved one’s of addicts and alcoholics. These family support group’s touch on both opiate, heroin, alcohol, and any other type of addiction that results in substance abuse.


Here’s a list of the meetings we recommend:


Addict in the Family:Duxbury South Shore

When: 630PM Every Thursday Night

Where: Miramar Retreat Center 121 Parks St Duxbury,MA

For More Meetings The Family Restored

This family support group is unique because it offers the perspective of a recovered heroin addict and how best to deal with it through practical experience.

Family United:

Norwood MetroWest

When: 630-8PM Every Tuesday

Where: 100 Winter St Norwood, MA

This meeting is put on by a gentleman from Norwood who have recovered from drug addiction via the Twelve Step philosophy.



When:7PM Every Monday Night

Where: Beth Israel Deaconness 275 Sandwich St Plymouth,MA

Learn to cope is a fantastic organization that has done a great job responding to the growing opiate epidemic in Massachusetts. This group does amazing work and shares many resources to those who are lost in how to deal with a loved one who is a heroin or prescription opiate addict. They have meetings all over the state.

For more meetings check


We hope this post gets people the information they need. Don’t hesitate to check one of these meetings out. They are free from judgement or criticism. Like we say, you cannot make anyone a drug addict and you cannot get them out of it.


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