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Drugs are not the problem. They are the solution.

Commonly referred to as a “drinking problem”, “substance use disorder”, “substance misuse”, or a “drug problem”, addiction to the non-addicted looks a lot like overindulgence of something that makes you feel “good”. At face value these descriptions miss the mark.

Talk to anyone who has been through the problem and you’ll quickly find out that at 7am before work they aren’t indulging in something to improve their quality of life or give them some form of a higher standard of consciousness; they are escaping a harsh truth for many people with drug and alcohol addiction.

That truth is that being sober is unbearable and the equivalent of emptiness and discontentment.

Getting high or picking up a drink are freedom from that feeling, a debilitating psychic pain as I refer to it. This is the crux of a relapse. Detox alone may work for a small minority of people with substance abuse issues but usually that emptiness and pain goes untreated once we treat the physical dependence.

In order for myself to have reached a point of becoming someone with years of consecutive sobriety, I had to put in a great deal of work to treat the emptiness; treat the discontentment. Find a purpose.

They were the treatment of the real symptoms; albeit an unsustainable one with a great deal of horrible side effects.

It is the opinion of the Brook Retreat and its philosophy that detoxing is the start; and that person who is left empty and in mental pain needs to heal and find a new way of life; a new way of thinking. There are many opinions on just what to do and that’s up to the individual to settle for themselves.

At our programs we use the program of Alcoholics Anonymous as laid out in the self-titled book to find that design for living and foster such a life-changing experience.

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