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Living through recovery..part 1

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An argument for the morning routine..yes it’s worth it

I’d like to take a minute to offer some practical advice to anyone in recovery on some of the tools that have given me the ability to get through each day with a certain level of mental well-being and emotional stability.

When I was in active addiction I never missed a day of getting high or drunk almost immediately following becoming conscious. Sometimes I was so bent from the night before’s activities and sometimes I woke up in physical withdrawals. Depending on whatever period of my addiction it was I always tried my hardest to keep something for the morning. A measly couple points of powder, a laughable sliver of a pill, a bottle of vodka with a few fingers left, or a bowl pack of weed. Either way, I needed something to set me up for the start of the day.

Fast forward to attempts at recovery and this transformed into a pot of coffee and a few marlboro 100s. Whatever groups I was in all I could think about was that next smoke or cup of coffee.

Intoxicate Yourself With Your Program

Similarly to the morning high, today I try and intoxicate myself with my own program. There’s a number of ways that this has been done by different people in recovery.

1- Meditation

2- Daily Reflection

3- Prayer

4- Exercise

Some conjunction of these has been proven to help anyone struggling with regulating their emotions and increasing self-control. In an article written by Emma M. Seppala Ph.D. linked here ( ) she discusses all the benefits of taking time to meditate.

It sounds like an undertaking but its like anything. Repetition makes it easier. The first few times when you’re flying out the door to get to work you’ll remember you missed your goal. Hopefully the next night you set your alarm a little earlier and carve out time for a 5-10-30 minute morning routine. If you have enough days in recovery when you’re overwhelmed, disorganized, and feel like a chicken running around with your head cut off, you’ll do it. Like anything, we take action when we suffer the consequences of a lack of it.

Sculpt Your Brain

In the NPR article titled “Prayer may reshape your brain, and reality…” by Barbara Bradley Hagerty; she discusses the power of prayer and how we have the power to sculpt our brains through such spiritual exercises.

“Is there a capacity to change my brain if I continue with this?” I asked.

“Absolutely,” he responded enthusiastically. “I would say the likelihood is that you are already changing your brain.”

Prayer is an entirely personal affair of which i’ll offer minimal advice. I pray for help for my own personal issues, humility, honesty, kindness, patience, tolerance of others, etc. I pray for my family and friends. Either way, that introspective thought I give during prayer and that compassion for my family and friends sculpts my brain and heart. I’ve been to some pretty dark places and can easily slip back if I don’t try and maintain that love.

These findings show that small tweaks in our day-to-day life can help us adjust to living life substance free. It can be shown to help with your relationships, reaching your goals, and your overall lack of regret and stress from mishandling situations. We have already been wired in a way where we like to change our consciousness to get through the day. So, in essence, make it easy on yourself and start to incorporate some sort of morning routine so you’re grounded and plugged in before you start your day.

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